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Student Project Section


A partnership with students/youth to raise awareness... 

The 10th annual effort is collaboration with students. We empower them for us to go into communities to raise awareness on the dangers of Underage Drinking during the month of July. This effort exists because of student participation, their commitment and dedication to reach out to other students and youth…

Our 2018 goal is to contact 100 high schools, colleges, and universities. If you are a student or teacher and would like to participate, then email us and we’ll send you a raising awareness kit.

Sponsor needed, email us proposals, and we’ll send you a sponsor package with all information. There are various local, regional, and national levels of opportunities available to your firm/brand.


Email your student project, or sponsor proposal to us at faddintl@gmail.com  

For more information on student projects contact us here.


Photo: Robert Ybarra and  Beverly Pinto, Judaic Studies Coordinator at
Brandeis Hillel Day School, San Rafael, CA.

Photo: Beverly Pinto and Lisa Levy, Art teacher

FADD was approached by 7th grade student Nathan Zaltsman. Nathan did his part in raising awareness on the dangers of driving under the influence.

We were invited to Brandeis Hillel Day School for a Tzedakah Celebration, the students did a presentation on various non profit organizations and FADD received a generous grant.

We would like to thank: Head of Campus; Hamutal Gavish, Teacher; Beverly Pinto, and student Nathan Zaltsman and the rest of the 7th grade class for the care and vision they have for their community and the rest of our great nation!

Thank you again for your partnership with us and for your generous support for the work we do for the safety of the general public.

Douglas MacArthur High School in San Antonio, TX

Students that drive, holding the key chain up in the air indicating/pledging that they will not drink and drive. Also they will help others to not drink and drive.


Would you like to start a chapter in your state? 


Contact us at: info@faddintl.org




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