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Silent Bid Auction 2019

Funds will give us more capacity to expand Underage Drinking/DUI Prevention programs, activities and costs for daily operations.


  • Upper Deck; Lebron James, LJ1 card! 2003 W/Cleveland Cavs.


  • Upper Deck; Lebron James, LJ2 card! 2003 w/Cleveland Cavs. NOTE: Both cards are super wide type


  • 1992 Ultimate Hockey Sportscards; complete set of 90 cards; French language; includes Pat Falloon, Scot Niedermayer, Scot La Chance, and Peter Forsberg; also has 1st Round Picks! Rare


  • TUFF STUFF: Michael Jordan, “KING OF THE COURT”; December 1992, free Edge Promo card; John Elway, #TS1 Special Edition


  • Newsweek, NOV/OCT; Collectors Issue; Michael Jordan; “The Greatest Ever”, (with Inside fold out portrait)


  • MARVEL COMICS: X-Cutioners Song; November 1984 XFACTOR; part 2 of XFACTOR; Approved by Comics Code; plus, MARVEL Trading Card     


  • MARVEL COMICS: Silver Sable & The Wild Pack;     1June 01918; Guest Starring: “The Amazing Spiderman”, Approved by The Comics Code


  • MARVEL COMICS: Silver Sable & The Wild Pack;      1June 01918; Guest Starring: “The Amazing Spiderman”, Approved by The Comics Code.   
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES: Wayne Gretsky’s: “All Time Leading Scorer” 1,851st Point! Monday, October 16, 1989


If you have something to donate, that's fantastic!


We are currently working on a page for auction items, silent bids, or straight sales items. Please email us if you're interested in helping this wonderful cause.

BIDS TO EMAIL: faddintl@gmail.com

It’s better if you email me your offer, emails are checked in day/evening.

These are donations to our nonprofit organization, we will email you a tax deductible receipt with our EIN number for your records

Thank you

We have more collectibles to show and sell at a discount to you for your support of either the Underage Drinking or the DUI Prevention FADD International Initiatives here at home in the United States of America 


Community Partner Wall
FADD will dedicate an entire wall of our new office to our partners. Each partner will have a beautiful plaque displayed at FADD office, company logo/info. on our website and be mentioned in our Press Release as well.
We are asking for a donation of $5,000 from each partner. Your financial support goes for our Underage Drinking, and DUI prevention national initiatives

FADD will continue to go into schools with our Educate our Students: EOS, and go to communities to distribute educational/awareness/prevention facts; and travel to distributer portable, one-time use alcohol breathalyzers


More portable one time use breathalyzers needed from breathalyzer manufacturer or distributor as soon as possible, people's lives are depending on new partnerships in 2019! There's not a minute to loose folks












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Research Report - The Relationship between Serious injury and BAC

One Fatal Mistake -Documentary

Vince Hatfield Partners with Fathers Against Drunk Driving with His Latest New Music

National Stats - Total Fatalities / Fatality Rates

National Stats - Total Fatalities / Fatality Rates

CDC Vital Signs














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